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    QR Code label printing


      Does anyone have hints or tips for how best to format, set up your layouts containing your QR Code labels. I haven't gotten a Dymo printer yet to test with, yet I plan to shortly. I want to make sure that it will print out well. For those who have previously done this, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Also, if anyone has experience with sheet style labeling rather than the one at a time Dymo style printing, let me know if you have thoughts on how best to do that. I would have to export them all into a column style of layout and print?



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          David Moyer


          I'm not sure I'm answering your question, but you can print labels in almost any way ... as a single column, 2-wide, 3-wide, on small (like 3" wide) labels, or 8x10 sheets.

          Here's a screen shot of the Layout wizard that I would start with ...


          Gee whiz - can I edit a correct answer?

          8-1/2 x 11 sheets are standard, of course (brain-fart).  And, regarding small 3" wide labels, I was referring to any "continuous feed" labels.

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            With all printing: test, test, test! Test with the actual data on the actual printer using the actual paper.


            With QR Codes: the bigger the QR Code, the easier it will be to scan. And make sure you allow for the required 4-module quiet zone around the code. If you're using Barcode Creator (disclosure: I wrote it, and receive money when people buy it), the quiet zone will automatically be included in the generated image. Other methods may or may not include the full quiet zone in the image, in which case you can compensate by leaving more whitespace around the QR Code on your layout.


            Also make sure the QR Code comes out crisp when you print it. If it looks fuzzy or pixelated, you need more resolution; preferably at least 300 dpi. So a 1 inch square QR Code should be 300x300px. Historically, web viewers on Windows haven't printed at better than screen resolution, so I've recommended avoiding web viewer-based techniques for making barcodes. I haven't tested with the most recent version of Windows, so that might be worth re-testing if a web viewer was the approach you were leaning towards.


            With sheet printing, one of the problems I've run into is that it's easy to wind up with sheets that only get partially used. So I've created a print setup interface that lets the user specify which label on a sheet to start printing on. The print is then based on a layout based on a special-purpose table that I can put pad records in so the actual printing starts where the user indicated the labels start.

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              We have been using QR codes on our invoices, and inventory labels for 3-4 years now with very little issues.  At first we were using a plug-in, but now use this technique (https://hbase.net/2013/12/18/qr-codes-in-filemaker-12-13-no-plug-ins-no-custom-functions/ ) that requires an internet connection.  I haven't tried dymo printers, but we do use zebra label printers without any issues.  It is pretty easy to setup a print layout within filemaker that will work for you application. You will need a different print layout for each size of label you want to print.  It took me a little while to get all the margins/layouts perfect before printing the final labels.

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                I didn't realize how simple it was...print label layout had exactly what I needed..I had a folder of the Avery 5660 labels laying around. Works beautifully.

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                  bgustin... we did the same thing.  But we switched to MBS plugin to generate QR codes on the fly via the server very quickly to speed things up and not take space saving the graphic.  We also started with Dymo printers and realized they really are not heavy duty label printers and the Zebra ones really were more commercial grade and worked much better in a warehouse setting. 

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                    Taylor, do you happen to have a link to get more info on the MBS plugin? 

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                      bgustin wrote:


                      Taylor, do you happen to have a link to get more info on the MBS plugin?


                      The MBS FileMaker Plugin info is at Monkeybread Software - MBS FileMaker Plugin 6.3


                      The barcoding info for the plugin is at Monkeybread Software - MBS FileMaker Plugin: Component: Barcode


                      When you download the plugin, it comes with example files and there is a barcode example file that makes it easy to copy the script steps.  

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