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    Summary field disappears when editing quantities


      I've noticed that when editing quantities on orders it affects a summary field that I have to just add up all of the items on an order.


      If you click into the field, the number appears again.


      Is there a way to stop this happening.



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          I've never seen this but I wonder if it is because the summary field is trying to add a number you're editing. IT seems to me the summary field wouldn't know what to add.



          To prevent the summary field from disappearing, you'd need to update the value of the field and commit the record so that the summary field could include the value. To do that: set your layout up to edit the value (I assume this is a list view) in a popover and in a global field and then update the actual field with the value from that global. After committing the record (saving the changes back to the file/server) you'd see the summary field.


          If you have a total field that you want to edit: set up a popover on each row of the list. Inside that include a global field and a "commit" button. that button has a script on it that includes the script steps:

          Set Field [YourTable::Total ; YourTable::OrderTotal_g ]

          Commit Records

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            The value was on a portal. I forgotten that I had a script trigger on the quantity field.


            So adding commit records has done the trick thanks!

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              This is commonly seen behavior when using a summary field to show the total of items in a portal. This is a place where an unstored calculation field added to the layout's (not the portal's) table defined to use the sum function to compute the same total generally updates more smoothly without the need to script a commit records step.

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