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Getting Error 307 with FMP 13 client and FMS 15 Host when executing Delete All

Question asked by jdbranum on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by jdbranum

I recently moved a FMP 13.0v5 file to a FMSA 15 host (Windows 2008 Server) and when updating with a separate robot client (FMPA 13.0v5) a script is failing on the Delete All Records script step, capturing error code 307, which translates to "Transaction could not be locked because of a communication error with the host."  This error goes away after running the script a couple times, but comes back if the same file is opened on another client using FMPA 15.  It is repeatable but a bit intermittent, but definitely seems to be associated with files originally developed in FMPA 13 but moved to a FMSA 15 host and accessed by FMP 13 clients after FMP 15 clients have accessed that same file.


I have observed some similar-type script step failures to execute when an original FMP 13 file was opened by a FMP 14 client and then accessed by another FMP 13 client. 


Without setting up separate 13 and 15 servers and keeping the solutions and host versions the same, is there any solution to this behavior?



James Branum