FileMaker Server 15 photos not downloading through WebDirect

Discussion created by tkessler45 on Aug 11, 2016

I have a container field as part of my records, that is available through WebDirect, and I have a button to download the photo using the Export Field Contents step. It seems to work, and shows the file being ready to download; however, upon clicking it nothing happens. The download link goes gray, and the only option is to close the file. I have tried multiple browsers, disabled popup blockers and browser extensions, and still no go. The setup is the photos are on a related table to the main one, displayed in a portal in WebDirect, with the download button on each portal row referencing the portal's photo field. The server is FMS15 running on Windows 2012 Server R2, and the photo field is set up to be optimized for images (jpeg, png, etc.) in the inspector.