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Import from FM Go local file to hosted file

Question asked by meilyne on Aug 11, 2016
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I am starting to pull my hair out on this.

I have a stand alone file on my iPad that has two tables (Job Data and Photos). Photos is linked to the Job Data table. The container field within Photos is internal storage.


I have a button that allows the user to 'upload' the data into the hosted file. The script sends a script parameter of the file name (each job has it's own file on the ipad).


This script opens the hosted file and runs two import scripts. The file path is set as a variable as the documents path and the script parameter (local file name).


The first script imports the job data matching the job ID (and adding new records if necessary). This script works perfectly.


The second script imports the photos into a temporary photo table (again the container field is internal storage) (I have another script that goes through and inserts the photos into the proper table with external storage).


However this second script will not import and gives me an error code of 3.


I have read through other discussions and checked (and double-checked) the following:

- import file is set as Filemaker files (not all available)

- import file is set to 'add new records'

- all script steps are IOS compatible


Is anyone able to tell me where the issue may lie? Thanking you in advance for any assistance in this before I go bald!!!


This is screenshot of script that IS working:


This is script NOT working and giving error code 3:


This is screen shot of the script in the local file on ipad calling the above two scripts: