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    FileMaker Upgrade - 11 to 15


      We are planning to upgarde FIlemaker from 11 to Filemaker 15. We already go through all the documents/articles regarding this. Just want to knw when you convert your .fp7 file to .fmp12 file, apart form below scripts steps is there any other things which will not work.

      Object script step - not converted

      FileMaker pro 15 - not supporting older version of excel - 97 -2003

      Is there anything we need to take into account ?

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          Themes! especially if you will be using WebDirect, but for optimizing regardless of where the layouts are displayed, you'll want to get away from the default "Classic". There are several threads on this forum as well as videos and articles about how to deal with themes after conversion.


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            check whether you are using OLE in any of the containers.

            check for hard-coded references to ".fp7"

            check for compatible plugins

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              plug-ins and odbc drivers. that 32-bit/64-bit "problem". they must match the install!


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                And a cheap way to check things out specific to your files is to:

                a) download a 30 day free trial of the latest version

                b) take a back up copy of your file and convert it using that trial copy.

                c) take the DB for a spin and see what breaks


                The only cost is the time you spend checking it out.

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                  I would re-emphasise Beverly's comment re themes. Particularly if you have a script that opens a new layout in a new window.

                  In my experience at least, this operation using the original 'classic' layouts was causing FM to crash repeatedly on Macs until I rebuilt the layouts (both the 'start' layouts and the 'new window' layouts from scratch.

                  A lot of work but it solved the problem.

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                    Thanks Abingdon. Could you please elaborate more thsi. How new layout in a new window create issue. What have you done ?

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                      We have hundreds of Classic layouts and new window scripts, and have not had a crashing problem. YMMV but I suspect some particular object on the layout was the culprit.

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                        +1, Tom! likely one object is the crash-point. My emphasis was WD usage and overall optimization. If it works, don't fix it, but be very aware others had to.



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                          Sorry for delay in replying.


                          Basically, after conversion, I began to have issues with FM15 crashing on Macs that had been absolutely fine on FM11.  It was happening on layouts where a script opened a new window.  After a lot of time spent trying to isolate the problem I was starting to chase my own tail so decided to re-write one of the layouts on which this was happening.  This stopped the problem for this layout so rather than waste any more time I rewrote all of them.

                          I agree with Tom that it could well have been one object only causing the problem rather than 'Classic' as a whole but it was quicker to rewrite the layouts rather than try and find out which particular object may have been causing the problem.


                          Please forgive me if I gave the impression that the classic theme was a problem in general.