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    Importing records


      I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced on Mac & PC. I downloaded a clients file from a server online. Added some fields and tabs. The file contains 63 tables some with more than 12000 records. How do I import the records that have been added in the last few weeks?

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          Is there any way to tell which records were added, and which were modified during that time?


          If there's a date or timestamp field that auto-enters the modification date, this becomes possible. You can find all records with a modification date on or after the date marking the start of this time period. Then you can use Import records to import this data and it will import the records from the current found set. The trick is to open the original file, find the records, leave the file open and switch to the new version of your file. From there, use Import Records to import records and be careful to select the same table occurrence as your source table as that on which the layout where you found the records is based. (Each table occurrence can have a different found set.)


          But this assumes features that may not be present in your database.


          If all else fails, you can save a clone of your new version and import everything from the current version on your server.

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            Hello philmodjunk,


            There is a date modified & date entered. I can find records that were added but your last sentence is where I had a problem. Some entries were made in different tables and I did not know how to import records from all the tables. Do I need to import from each table separately? Is there a way to import all tables with one import?


            The file I was modifying was a clone. Thanks for replying.

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              The Import Records menu option and its corresponding script step import records from one source table into one target table. If there are 3 tables in your solution, you need to import at least 3 times.


              But if you are using a clone to create the new version, I'd think that you need to import all records into it rather than just those recently modified or added.


              And be aware that importing records does not automatically update serial number settings on any fields that auto-enter serial numbers. You'll need to update their "next serial value" settings to avoid generating new records that have the same value as one of the records you just imported into your file.

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                That is what I was afraid of. Not looking forward to importing from 63 tables. Thanks for the help.


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                  I suggest that you create a script for that import and thoroughly test the script using back up copies before you do it for real. The script can do each import in turn for you and even update serial number "next values".

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                    Thanks for your help. I will try to set up a script. Wish me luck.



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