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    How best to achieve this?


      Hi All,


      I have a simple solution based on the SS - People Records for Time Clock purposes. This is to track employees Clocking-In and Out, as well as break time.


      All that was done was to add a timesheet table, and incorporate.


      I have one layout ( name:TimeClock ) that I want to be able to be accessible without having to login. I would like this layout to be also accessible via FMP, FMGo and Webdirect.


      What security setup is required to be able to accomplish this? But also when the solution is used by the employees to check TimeSheet ( they will not be allowed to change time punches ) and create Time Off Requests,  they only get access to their records and no others. While a supervisor will have access to changing time punches and printing the time sheets.


      I hope this gives a clearier picture, its small company 1-10 people.




      I am using

      FM advanced 15

      FMS Dev Lic

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          Before you get some great help from some brilliant people on this forum you need to give more detail, as much as you can without going overboard.


          What is the purpose of your database?

          What version of FM are you using?

          Is it hosted on FM Server?

          What criteria do you want to use for access?  e.g., can managers see their staff's log-ins?

          Can staff edit their own records or just create a new one and not then be able to edit it? Etc...


          Giving a full outline of what the problem is you want to solve, and some picture of the environment is will really help.

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            You might search this forum for posts dealing with "Record Level Access" as this is how you can set up privilege sets so that the user is limited in what records they can view and/or edit in a given table.

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              Andrew Simpson wrote:


              ...accessible without having to login.


              Your question is about security and privileges but you start with the above premise.


              Without asking the users to login, how will you know who they are (authentication), and without knowing who they are, how can expect to guide what they can do (authorization)?

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                Wim's point is correct; you can't "not login" to a database and still have access to it. However, what I believe you mean is "without being prompted for credentials", which is different. You can set up an automatic login with a default account. Then, if a particular employee needs to perform data manipulations, you would have a function for them to log in.


                There are different ways of accomplishing this. One way is to have the default login set and require the users to hold down the Shift key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) when they need to log in as themselves. (This overrides the automatic login and prompts the user for credentials.) Another way is to have a button on your Time Clock layout that prompts the user for credentials by way of the Re-Login script step (FileMaker Pro 15 Help).


                After that, you'll need to do what Phil mentioned - learn about record level access privileges to restrict the employees to the correct records.





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                  Hi, Wim,


                  Yes, I understand it is not a desirable scenario where security is concerned.


                  Given my understanding of FM account & privileges, I didn't know if it was possible or how to accomplish it.

                  With Mikes reply, I see how I can attempt to accomplish this. Since, you guys have been doing this way longer than I have I thought someone must have come across this and figured out how to deal with it.

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                    Thanks for replying Mike,


                    That was the very spark I needed to attempt this.


                    I added a screenshot of the layout and yes it will have a button for users to login with. I will defiantly be following Phil's advise about record level access


                    Thanks again for the spark of inspiration.