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Hi All,


I have a simple solution based on the SS - People Records for Time Clock purposes. This is to track employees Clocking-In and Out, as well as break time.


All that was done was to add a timesheet table, and incorporate.


I have one layout ( name:TimeClock ) that I want to be able to be accessible without having to login. I would like this layout to be also accessible via FMP, FMGo and Webdirect.


What security setup is required to be able to accomplish this? But also when the solution is used by the employees to check TimeSheet ( they will not be allowed to change time punches ) and create Time Off Requests,  they only get access to their records and no others. While a supervisor will have access to changing time punches and printing the time sheets.


I hope this gives a clearier picture, its small company 1-10 people.




I am using

FM advanced 15

FMS Dev Lic