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Ghost of printers past?

Question asked by michaelshaw on Aug 12, 2016
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Once upon a time my MacBook Pro had an HP Inkjet printer attached as a shared printer. The MacMini printed (rarely) to it, and all was well. Then the printer was migrated to the MacMini, and set up as a new printer, designated as the default printer, not shared.


This sat well with all the applications but FMPA (13, 14, or 15 on the same MacMini). Any print operation within FMP results in 20-30 sec. of spinning beachball, then a dialog that the MBP with the previously shared printer cannot be found.



Once you have clicked OK, you do eventually return to the print dialog and can print, but the whole “getting to the print button” can take upwards of a minute total


Known Facts:

1. The old printer is not visible in Printers & Scanners under System Preferences.

2. The new (renamed since for testing) HP printer is set as the default printer under System Preferences.

3. The new HP printer connection is chosen in FMP’s Page Setup.

4. Problem does not appear with any other app, or on FMPA 15 on a newer MBP in the same network.



Deleting FMP prefs in usr/Library did not help. Is there a known way to delete a pref or cache to make FMP forget about the printers of yesteryear?