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    Summary on layout

    Xavier van Buchem

      Hi all,


      I have a layout with a sub-summary part based on a sort.

      Sometimes the sub-summary part represents one record and sometimes more records.

      If I put a record count summary field on the sub-summary part I can clearly see how much records are "behind" that summary.


      I would like to script a button on that summary part that would either bring me to a list view if there are more than one record or straight to a form view if there's only one record.


      I tried to put the result of the record count summary field in the script parameter but even if on screen the number of records is correct when it is evaluated it returns the total of all records and not of only that sub-summary part.


      Any idea?

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          Try using GetSummary ( record count summary field ; sortfield ), where sortField is the field you're sorting the subsummary part on.

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            Your summary layout is probably already a List View. If you 'click' (a button on) the sub-summary part, are you wanting to show ONLY those records that have been summarized (branching to list if >1 or form if one)? Can you post a script and/or describe what type of data and what sort field(s)?




            BTW: sub summaries are shown in specific views and a "button" may not be possible. I recommend constraining your found set by the field you are using for the sort in the sub summary. Then sort again. You may put a button on the layout (in the body part) that scripts the constrain and can branch to form/list view as needed.

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