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Nested Loop - need some help (free beer)

Question asked by ORSA1965 on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by ORSA1965

I have two tables.  One table has 14 records in it with a field named criterion.  The second table has 10 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in it.

I am trying to create a new table that has a KPI and criterion pair so the new table would have 140 records in it.  So I am trying to have a loop that goes to the third table and then creates a record and drops in KPI1 and then creates KPI_1 Cr_1; KPI_1 Cr_2; ... KPI_10 Cr_14 then goes to the next KPI_2 and does it again until all KPIs are in the table.


Any help is appreciated.  If I see you at a conference, I offer a beer or your fav drink.  Thank you !! - Barry (