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    Mysterious CWP or  WPE problem or both


      FileMaker Server 14 on Windows 2012 Standard R2 is hosting a number of databases, one of which is accessible with CWP from a set of PHP pages that are hosted at a service called Wired Tree.   From time to time, the person responsible for editing PHP pages opens a connection to his directory at Wired Tree to upload new content to the web site.


      We suspect that the FTP connection is causing the problem described below, but at this point, it's just a guess.


      First, we observe that the PHP connection to FileMaker Server stops behaving normally.  In FileMaker Server, this morning, I observed when I was notified of the issue that there were at that moment 11 open CWP connections and the Web Publishing Engine was running normally (green checkmark.)  I did not have time to perform the typical use of the test page before observing within a few minutes that the Web Publishing Engine had stopped and there were at that moment 15 open connections.


      Rather than reboot the server and interrupt users of other databases, I attempted to dismiss the open connections by using the Disconnect command, but it fails to disconnect them.   However, if I close the database that is affected and wait a little while, it will dismiss all the open CWP connections and then I can re-open the database.   At that point, I was able to perform the Test Page for the PHP test and got normal results.


      I'm puzzled about why the opening of an FTP connection to a remote server at Wired Tree would interfere with CWP/PHP connections to FileMaker Server.  I'm guessing that it somehow interferes with that remote server's ability to interact with FMS on my server and once that interrupt occurs, all successive PHP calls are backed up until FileMaker Server's CWP engine dies from the overload?   Again, just a guess and I don't know what to look for in the logs.


      Any help will be appreciated.

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          what ports are used (by the FTP)? What permissions are used by the FTP and the directories used by CWP?



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            We have been using 2 FTP methods, both of which are using Port 21.   The target directory for the FTP connection is a set of folders in the web site directory.   Just to be clear, that web site directory is NOT on the same server as FileMaker Server ... it is a totally different machine.


            I am confident that when the FTP-it plugin is being used, the connection is closed when the upload procedure is complete.   The FTP-it plugin is handling the upload of certain text files and graphics that are held in the FileMaker database.   It's a rather elaborate thing I developed that is a pretty good substitute for Dreamweaver for the kind of content management that is nicely done in FileMaker.


            However, FTP-it is not yet a 64-bit plugin, and therefore, my client is required to use FileMaker 13 in 32-bit mode when he is doing any of the content management that requires the use of the FTP connection.


            But I am aware that he also has a copy of Fetch which he began to use about a year ago when we did not realize that the reason FTP-it was not working in FileMaker 14 was because of the 32-bit/64-bit issue.   He's still using Fetch on occasion when there is something to be uploaded that is totally independent of any of the web pages, that is, there are no hyperlinks to a graphic or PDF file that would be handled better within FileMaker.


            I have a hunch that after making the Fetch connection and quitting Fetch without closing the FTP connection, he is leaving an open or busy port on the server that is interfering with other activity by somehow locking up the entire directory.   I suggested to him (after posting this question today) that he should try closing the connection in Fetch before he quits the application.


            One thing that makes us suspicious that the FTP connection is causing this issue is because my client admitted to me that it always seems to occur right after he has uploaded something.   That sounds reasonable to me, and because I've not heard anything about it since this morning I am hopeful that my theory is correct.

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              Ah! I used to use Fetch. Now I use Transmit

              Panic - Transmit - The ultimate Mac OS X FTP + SFTP + S3 app


              I also used to have problems with clients "checking out" pages with Dreamweaver, then I could not edit them in BBEDit (not directly, on copies).


              I hope you have a solution that will work well enough now!


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                thankyou. Really appreciate your feedback