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What do you do when...(an interesting hypothetical dilemma)

Question asked by c0nsilience on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by bertrand

Scenario: You're a hundred hours into a project, so there has been a lot of time invested in development (i.e., you've gathered all of the data/info, created your ERD, come up with the workflow and table schema, built the backend, built the layouts, created your scripts and/or custom functions) and you've delivered a beta to the client.


Problem: Client hasn't given you all of the information, they are trickling it out to you, after the fact, and will not let you interface with the actual department(s) that will be using the solution, so you're caught in a conundrum of beta editing/tweaks, where you are pulling things out and putting things in.  You're now at multiple betas and this doesn't appear to be changing.  A project that should have taken 1-2 months, tops, is now 6 months in.  You've talked to the president of the company and they insist that you still go through this single individual that (a) doesn't appear to know what their departments need and (b) seems readily content for this project to go on ad infinitum, ad nauseam.


Solution: ????


Do you...

  • Cut them loose
  • Stay in it, because you're still getting paid
  • Insist that they get their workflow together and you'll help them with this
  • Post it as a hypothetical question in the FileMaker Community
  • Other ideas


Any/all thoughts are appreciated and I think this thread has the potential to really help developers that might be new to working with clients.  I've been in this situation in the past, as I imagine just about everyone has, but I'm interested in the perspective some other devs can bring to this potential issue.