Editing hosted Scripts alter concurrently running Scripts by other users

Discussion created by FileKraft on Aug 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by TSGal

Observation running FMP15v1 and FMS15v1 on OS-X 10.11.6:


I edit a Script on the Server with Full Access as User A (not yet saving my changes to this script ).

I am running that same script as a user B with limited access which is currently  looping through the script steps i am touching as the admin user A.

I save the changes to that script  as User A and User B (with limited access) gets these changes on the next iteration.


This seams to be a bug.

As it worked in FMP13 if a User B loads a script the changes a User A makes to this script only load after the script has closed and is called the next time. It is transactional.


I can adapt to the new situation but it makes it almost impossible to develop on a live system.

In the past we could swap a script with a newer version by just pasting all scripts steps in the script and it would not affect anyone currently running this script. Only the next time the script is called the new version will be loaded.

Problematic now is that the change happens on the loaded script.


This observation shows in the script debugger. I haven't tested this phenomenon without the debugger though.