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    Mac or Windows Computer


      Hi guys and girls..


      I have been given the opertunity to use a Mac instead of a PC that i use today at work.

      Is there any differences between using Filemaker from a Mac then PC ? Since thats what am doing most of the days anyway.


      A downside for me is that i havent used a Mac in a really long time, like 15 years.. my dougher have one but i dont work in one.


      Everything else at work is beeing used with Windows, FM server is Windows and all other clients are as well.


      But what do you guys suggest ?

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          Johan Hedman

          If you are the only user of your system I would use Mac every day of the week. So many advantages by using Mac over Windows in my opinion. If you have many users and you are a developer there are some differences on how FileMaker behaves on Mac and Windows, so I would install Parallells/VmWare on your Mac and install windows there for development purposes.

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            David Moyer


            A place to start is to go to Script workspace and play with the Compatibility settings.  This will indicate the steps that work in one OS but not the other.

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              I always have "All" in compadible enabled for my scripts. Then its no differences then is there ?

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                Johan Hedman

                Then you are on the right track

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                  Tack Johan

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                    David Moyer

                    Stigge wrote:


                    I always have "All" in compadible enabled for my scripts. Then its no differences then is there ?

                    Well, I meant that some script steps aren't available in both Os's.  (e.g. Speak is available to Mac but not Windows, and the opposite is true for Dial Phone.)

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                      "All" ignore any compatibility indicators.


                      That setting doesn't have anything to do with the steps actually working. It's just an indicator as to which steps are compatible with the respective platform. For example, some steps will not work when run from Server. Setting that setting to Server will let you see any steps that will fail on Server. That is important to know, so you don't end up running a script step in the wrong context. Same for OS options.

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                        I had no idee about that :/ thought it was compadible to all :/

                        Thank for clearing that one up for me..

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                          One important point that I am afraid has been forgotten here:


                          It is correct that there are no real compatibility issues between Mac and Windows. And you can develop on any of those two platforms.


                          But the Window handling in FileMaker 15 and previous versions is different on Windows compared to Mac. You are used to that since you are coming from Windows. But until FileMaker one day introduces the modern window handling in FileMaker this is the only real difference.

                          You should therefor develop on Mac but test the UI on Windows to make sure to optimise for the old Windows handling if you are having X-platform users.


                          Best regards



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                            If you are in a Windows environment then things like file sharing and Printer sharing *may* be a pain.

                            In FileMaker fonts are drawn at slightly different sizes on Mac and Windows so test your layouts on both platforms.  Another big difference that often affects office FileMaker applications is that the "Send Mail" script step on Windows locks up FileMaker Pro until the email that is created has been dealt with, on Mac the email is created in the Mail client and FileMaker does not get locked up.

                            Apart from that I have nothing to add, I regularly develop on Mac and Win and have no preference.

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                              You say that 100% of your coworkers (aka all of your FM customers) are on Windows? So you will be the odd one out. Ugh. I'm not so sure jumping on a completely different platform from everybody else is a wise move.


                              How about email and Word and Excel and all of the other MS Office programs that get used everyday?


                              What do your IT people think about supporting an entire new and significantly different platform?


                              I use Windows exclusively at work and have a Mac at home. Quite frankly, as a fairly recent user of Mac I didn't find Mac to be the slam-dunk that I thought it would be. Windows has come a long way over the years and in my opinion Windows does a fair number of things better than Mac but of course Mac is better at other things.


                              Might be worth borrowing a Mac for a while and seeing how you like it before making a full commitment.  I personally wouldn't want to use a Mac if everybody I was dealing with was on Windows. It's a variable I don't need.


                              BTW: One of the biggest FM related differences between Windows and Mac is general window handling. For instance Resize to Fit make perfect sense on a Mac and makes little or no sense on the Windows OS. Hopefully this will change one day and FM will have fully independent windows on the Windows OS but for now they are all captured within the FM application window making Resize To Fit fairly useless.


                              Of course all of this is just my opinion.

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                                I had a similar feeling toward Mac, until I my job provided me a MacBook as my primary machine. Once I began using it full time, it very quickly became my favorite. I used my Windows laptop much, much less.


                                I have, and use, both. But there is nothing I can't do I my Mac, that I did on my PC. Other than gaming. But that's a different discussion. I have far less 'pain' now that I work full-time on a Mac. ( been about 1.5 years )


                                Mileage may vary...but that has been my experience.

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                                  We have a fixed model for development.


                                  The files are hosted on a server  set to take backup every 10 minutes. Thus we can go back if something happen or if the connection is lost at a crucial point. And we try to develop on a local computer (same local subnet) or if thats not possible via Remote Desktop (Windows) at the same subnet.


                                  We are always using FileMaker Pro Advanced on Mac or PC for development. At the same time we are testing/controlling the solution with FileMaker Pro logged in as a user account attached to a relevant user privilege set.

                                  If it is a mix environment solution we will usually develop on Mac and test on Windows Remote Desktop or an extra Windows PC.


                                  If it is a Windows only environment we will most of the time use the same setup: Mac for development and Windows for trying/testing.


                                  You can have the FMPA for development and FMP for testing on one PC/Mac, but we find it convenient to have them on two different PC/Mac's.


                                  It is actually faster to develop on one PC/Mac and test on another. If you use the same PC for testing you loose your context and leave the scripts/RD etc. in order to test. By using another PD/Remote Desktop you can keep focus in one environment on development and in another environment focus on testning. You should even consider having somebody else in your team doing the testing and thereby also check if what you build is understandable,


                                  Most of our developers originally came from a PC environment. But after a short while most prefer to do development on a Mac. I guess it is a matter of Fahrspaß/le plaisir de conduire. It is funnier to drive a Tesla than an old Trabant.


                                  But it is a death sin not to do the testing on Windows ... all the time. If it work nice on Windows it will probably shine on a Mac.


                                  Best regards



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                                    Nick Austen

                                    In advance: apologies for getting to the FM specifics late in my reply


                                    I switched to Mac about 8 years ago. General benefits:


                                    1. MacAir SSD - super fast

                                    2. Rollover/Replacement period - my first MacAir was (and still is) just fine and super fast. 2010 model I think, I only upgraded for... well not sure why. It's still my backup machine and I use it to run an FM server locally

                                    3. I can run Windows (and Linux) VMs using Virtual Box on my machine - they run very well. I have five actually (XP, Win 7, Win10 with office 2010, Win10 with Office 2016, Ubuntu). Its now not so hard to buy a standalone Windows license too so getting a Win10 VM up and running is very easy

                                    4. Applications almost never crash on me (to be honest its only ever the MS products)



                                    1. Office for Mac is still not great, especially Excel, and in particular if you need to use/develop VBA/Macros - Excel for Mac is awful IMO. However I overcome this with point (3) above - if I have some serious VBA to do or want to ensure things run properly on Windows for clients, I just power up a VM (which again is super fast)



                                    There are definitely some differences between Mac/Win if you're developing solutions. For me doing the majority of the work on Mac then testing on a Windows VM is sufficient.

                                    Things that I've come across as noticeably different:

                                    1. Container field behaviour - on Mac 'Preview' works really well, on Windows, the best option I've found is Acrobat Reader DC (free)

                                    2. Window resizing - I found FM windows not auto resizing to full, but easy to overcome with a script step

                                    3. Fonts / sizing - A couple of cases I've found where my layout looks nice on Mac but the text may be slightly off on Windows (again can be overcome with some testing)


                                    My two cents

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