Sync Solution -- find and deleting non-matching records

Discussion created by pjpique on Aug 13, 2016
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With your previous advice on syncing, I have developed an offline iPad version of the database that can sync when an internet connection is present.  Works great.  However, I have come across a senario where during DB maintenance a record may be deleted on the server, but its still present on the iPad.  The reason for this, is that when it syncs it imports/updates matching records and adds remaining.  I could fix this simply by deleting all the records on the iPad during the sync and import everything fresh.  Which is how version 20 was, (I believe I'm on version 20000030).  But I was trying to make it a bit more efficient in not having to download all the records each time. 


To put it a bit simpler:


Time Table keeps tracks of employees hours

An error occurs and two records for the same day are entered. 

Administrator fixes by deleting one of the records on the server

Sync process is initiated on the Ipad

Imports matching records and adds remaining

The deleted record on the deployed is still there but not on the hosted



1. Delete records and download fresh records from the hosted each time, (data expensive)

2. Do the same process above linked to a button so the user could decided from time to time to wipe the iPad

3. Find non-matching records between Hosted and Deployed and delete non matching records on deployed.  I'm not sure exactly how to do this the most efficiently.


I'd like your input on the best direction to go.


Thanks you as always for your help.