Danger of building FMGo apps for changing iPad screen sizes

Discussion created by wfgclapp on Aug 14, 2016
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I'd appreciate hearing people's thoughts on this.


My company's IT department has been exploring FileMaker for a couple of years now as a method of developing mobile iPad/iPhone apps for outside sales. This has gone very well and has been very well received by users and IT. Based on FileMaker alone we are looking seriously at developing a complete order entry system in FileMaker that would replace the 3rd party system we currently purchase on an annual basis and of which we have limited control.


Out of CWP, Web Direct, and Go, we would develop for FMGo. We would have approx 100 - 200 users, with only 40-80 ever connected at once. This would be a hosted FMS app with local copies on the devices for offline capability.


There are several other things to vet, but the one I'm interested in here is the device we would use. It is without a doubt, the 12" iPad Pro, with a keyboard. My concern is developing a very complex application customized for the screen real estate of a 12" iPad Pro, and then apple abandoning that size for the smaller models. Going larger wouldn't be a problem since the screens could scale up, but going down would be bad.
Redesigning the layouts for smaller sizes isn't necessarily the problem, it's that the current 9" iPad screens are simply too small for all we need to have in the order entry system and well...they are simply too small for what we are looking to do. The ONLY thing that has made contemplating this project possible was the introduction of the 12" iPad.


I know things change and I don't expect Apple to keep the same devices forever, but I'd like to get 10 years out of this system. This will be a big project for us and a relative disaster if Apple were to ditch their 12" pads in a year or two.


Does anyone else struggle with this?

What are your thoughts on the future of Apple's 12" (or larger) iPads?

Any other angles I'm not considering?


I love FileMaker. And we currently don't have the expertise to build this in a more robust technology. It's the usual saw I guess.


Would love to hear your thoughts!