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Sudden password(s) fail

Question asked by dnadoc00 on Aug 14, 2016
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A strange thing has suddenly happened with all my password protected files (FileMaker Pro 8).  None of the files that have a password can now be opened.  These files have different passwords.  I have tried a number of different troubleshooting approaches.  All non-password protected files are fine.


Password protected files backed on other computers cannot be opened on the original computer (Windows 7).


Password protected files cannot be opened on other computers running FileMaker Pro 8/Windows 10.


Newly created FM databases that I make password protected cannot be subsequently reopened. ???


Windows system recovery to earlier date when everything worked did not work.  Running FileMaker Pro under Windows XP compatibility mode did not work.


Computer has up-to-date Symantec virus software.  Complete scanning and Norton Power Eraser scanning revealed no issues.


Any ideas?   Is this something to do with new Microsoft security updates in its software and older FileMaker Pro?


Also was thinking of trying FileMaker password cracker from Password-Services to remove passwords from the files I need.  Anyone used them? These files are not critical but it would be nice to not have to recreate databases.