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Drop Down list populating from another field without duplicating records

Question asked by deedeetee on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by deedeetee

Hello, this is my first post, so I'm sorry if I'm missing some protocols, or repeating a question.


I'm trying to teach myself databases and now reached a point where I need help. I'm essentially databasing a TV show, with stories / episodes / cast / crew etc. It felt right (especially once I'd discovered Portals) to have the main data in separate databases (stories in one, cast/crew details in another, characters in another, etc) and I was far too excited when I discovered that I could populate the drop-down menus from linked databases, so that I didn't have to learn all the id numbers for all the fields.


For example, I have the Story database, a crew database and then a production list database that will link the two databases under a production credit. (e.g. story id 3 with crew id 4 under the credit writer.) But whenever I use the drop-down menu to select the writer's name, to populate this in the portal against the story, it creates another duplicate record for the crew member in the crew member database, with a brand new id number. However, when I take the tick out of the 'create new record' box in relationships, I can no longer access the drop-down menu at all. It's very frustrating.


I'm also convinced I'm not explaining myself very well, so I would appreciate so more informed help, and questions around what I'm doing, in the hope we can all understand what I'm doing and how to fix it.

Thank you!