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Public form/layout and login required layouts in same DB (web direct)

Question asked by pirocaman on Aug 15, 2016

I'm new to filemaker and am researching the possibility of converting our current project request application to FMP.


The application is web-based and the process is initiated by the sales person filling out a form available by a unique URL. When the form is submitted it creates a new record in a table and and email is sent to the technician. The technician logs into the database and processes the request in various steps.


My question is, using FMP with web direct, how do I create both a public page/form for the creation of a record by our sales people and a separate "login" page just for our technicians. I'm familiar with layouts so I understand how to design it, but I'm not clear on how to make one layout available publicly and another available with a login. It seems like with FMP the database is either auto login or not.


I've considered having two databases, one for the requests (auto login) and another for the technicians (login credentials required) but I think I may be missing something. What do you think would work best for this scenario?