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    Join us on 19th/20th October for the UK FileMaker Developer Event of 2016!


      We’ll host a keynote session from FileMaker's Vice President of Worldwide Sales Brad Freitag alongside sessions suggested by you, the FileMaker Community.


      We are now on the look out for your suggestions for these sessions. Once we’ve gathered and reviewed them, we’ll put them to a vote by those attending to ensure the agenda matches the hot topics you want covered. Please leave a comment below with your session title and description. The deadline for submission is 19th September.




      What is it?

      This is two-day developer meeting, run by FileMaker in the UK for members of the FileMaker Community. Content is provided by both FileMaker staff, members of the FileMaker Community and the FileMaker Business Alliance.


      How much is it?

      The event is free to attend for FileMaker Community members. We do have limited capacity though so once registration opens reserve your place fast to avoid disappointment.


      Where is it?

      Apple UK, 2 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB11 1AD, United Kingdom.



      When is it?

      Both days from 10:30 until 16:30 (BST).

      How do I join in?

      You need to be a FileMaker Community member and you simply register in advance, by completing the registration form and accepting the terms and conditions of attendance. This will be emailed to you soon, or watch this space for updates.


      Who do I speak to if I've got more questions?

      Kieran Saunders, who looks after Developer Relations for the UK. You can reach him at Kieran_Saunders@filemaker.com

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          Johan Hedman

          Prepare your app for FileMaker WebDirect

          More and more customers are asking for a custom app on the Internet. This session outlines 10 steps that will give you the best possible start to get your app ready for web deployment. This session will cover GUI files, themes, layout templates, and navigation patterns.

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            Overview: Building a High Performance FileMaker Mobile Custom App

            Nick Lightbody is an acknowledged expert worldwide on Filemaker Apps performance. He led the way in observing, analysing and measuring FileMaker Server deployment performance with the release of the free and open-source dsBenchmark App at dotfmp in Berlin 2015, now available in English, Chinese, Spanish and French; with Japanese, German and Russian versions in preparation.

            Why is performance important? Because it is most likely the single most significant factor preventing your App being viable on Mobile.

            If you didn’t catch this presentation in Las Vegas this year here is an overview of what this session covered. We will cover extracts from this session in bite sized chunks in the future. Please comment if there are any particular topics you would like to see covered.

            One attendee in Las Vegas said he had learned more in this single session than the whole of the rest of FileMaker DevCon 2016.

            This session is intended as a reminder / updater to reasonably competent developers, and better, of the many ways in which they can advantageously improve a FileMaker App’s performance in order to make it suitable for deployment as a Mobile app.

            Less experienced developers will become aware of many techniques of which they may not have been aware.

            This session starts with a demonstration of finding 1 record from over half a million with dsBenchmark on a mobile device over a cellular network in under a second.

            It continues to focus on the need for simplicity, and the importance of understanding how to get the best from FileMaker Server.

            Then we build on the advice published by FMI in “Design: Performance”.

            We cover the additional areas of:

            A. Observing and measuring

            1. Bruce Robertson’s clipboard analysis tool
            2. Safari — developers tools
            3. Chrome — developers tools
            4. dsBenchmark
            5. FMS Statistics and Top Call Log
            6. OS Activity Monitor

            B. Layout Design Decisions

            1. Why use flexible layouts?
            2. One window or many?

            C. High Performance Schema Designs

            1. Single data table architecture
            2. Very narrow tables
            3. Drastically reducing indexing
            4. Lists v. Portals
            5. Chunking data

            D. Advanced automation

            1. Server side scripting
            2. Menus
            3. Creating a language layer
            4. Virtual Lists

            Quite a lot to cover! However, the dsBenchmark file that accompanies the session includes all the examples and I am always happy to take questions afterwards.

            Cheers, Nick

            Sussex, UK

            6th September 2016

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              I am happy to run through the iOS SDK if you like? I have created a few 'apps' although in reality they are little more than launcher files into our system proper.

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                Faster analysis and troubleshooting your database using FMPerception


                FMPerception is a new tool which allows for fast analysis of your DDR files. Rather than present the analysis it searches the XML as you need and caches the searches, making it increasingly fast to use. With free text search and the ability to export back saved information as CSV or straight to the FileMaker clipboard this is a great addition to the developer toolkit.


                Demo of features and capabilities.

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                  My talk will cover an introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cloud services are becoming more and more pervasive. I'll show you how to set-up and configure a FileMaker Server running on Amazon Web Services. After configuring the server I'll also show you how we can quickly scale up to a larger server or scale down to a smaller server. We'll discuss some of the basic things to look out for and how an AWS configuration can solve a number of your common server issues.

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                    FileMaker, Shopify, ❤ forever


                    Cloud this and cloud that…  It is impossible to ignore the cloud services. I have done a few projects where clients were migrating from FileMaker Pro to the cloud-based systems. I started thinking: is there is a trend?  But then I got a client asking to do completely opposite - to connect an existing cloud service to FileMaker, because this service can not do a lot of things which are trivial for FileMaker Pro.


                    I am going to talk about REST API and about integration of RESTful web services with FileMaker. I am also going to demonstrate integration with Shopify - a modern and a very popular e-commerce service. I hope you will be as surprised as I was on how well FileMaker Pro serves as a front end for an on-line store.

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                      Sorry, did not realise, I was not logged in when submitted. I did not know you can post without login in.



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                        Martin Bridges -  How to educate what a FileMaker database is to the uninterested


                        My session documents my journey from paper to iPad. Starting pre-computers but post ball point pen.


                        I attend many networking events, kissing frogs, trying to find princesses who long for a bespoke database built in FileMaker. As you would expect, most frogs (and interestingly, all toads) have no idea what I'm talking about.


                        Here's my 60 second pitch, honed over years of practice, plus my 15 minute (light hearted) presentation. That enlightens the uninterested and enables them to finally relate to what I do and comment 'Oh I understand now. I'd love one of those please.'