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    How to suppress url transfer on iOS


      Dear Community Members,

      I want to suppress the "url data transfer" visible at the bottom of the page from my iOS app.

      I am making external url call at that point.

      Can I just display spinner instead of slider to cancel it "Url Data Transfer" message.

      Please refer attached image for further information.


      Thank you,


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          I take it your script is using the 'Insert from URL...' script step. With this I don't think you can suppress the progress indicator, though you can get rid of the 'Slide to Cancel' button, by using the 'Allow User Abort [Off]' script step at the beginning of your script.


          Otherwise, you might be able to use a Web Viewer to load the URL content and scrape it from there using the 'GetLayoutObjectAttribute' function... With a Web Viewer, you can choose whether or not to display progress, messages etc... However, Insert from URL is much nicer to use in many circumstances, e.g when getting results from API requests etc...

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            Hello Skywillmott,

            Yes, you are correct, I am using "Insert from URL" to call PHP API.


            I have already implemented your suggestion to get rid of slider control.

            Is it possible to change text from "URL Data Transfer" to some thing more meaningful to end user

            that will be a great help.


            Thank you very much for helping me.



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              great :-)


              No, the 'URL data transfer' text can't be changed.  However you could notify the user about what is going to happen before the event, or afterwards to confirm it has completed by showing a custom dialog, or other ways such as using a merge variable or status field on your layout...