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    Building the Scope of a Project


      I am trying to help a client figure out the specs and scope of their FileMaker project so that they can pitch it to Developers that may be interested.


      What are the main questions developers typically ask the client to determine:

      • estimated number of hours for the job
      • plugins or tools necessary


      This is for a company that manages 150 condo associations. Does anyone have any experience in real estate, condos, or similar industries that might be able to help navigate this process of implementing a FileMaker solution from scratch?

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          When you go to a mechanic to have your car fixed do you tell them what tools to use and how long the repair should take?

          No... you go in with a well formulated problem statement.

          Start with that.

          Then describe what you want the system to do in as much detail as you think is needed to get what the client wants.

          Once you know what you want then you take it to the developers and they will contribute their piece to the negotiation.


          MindGenius - Documents


          be careful of getting mired in up front documentation because every project has its own level of necessary documentation

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            Johan Hedman

            I would contact a local FileMaker Business Partner

            FileMaker Business Alliance and Business Technology | FileMaker

            They have experience in FileMaker and can most probably help you out.

            Companies that are FBA Platinum and/or have Certified FileMaker Developers have proven themselves to be good FileMaker developers

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              What is the problem?  Why is it a problem?  Is it really a problem?  Why?  Can't they fix it with Excel?  Why not?  How about a web-based solution?  Surely a web based solution exists.  Why not use one of those?


              Answer those questions and you've got your objectives for the project.  That's what you want to give to the developer(s).

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                sph1964 wrote:


                • estimated number of hours for the job
                • plugins or tools necessary




                Get the client to set a budget. Immediately you'll know whether there is money to develop something bespoke in FMP or whether to look around for a an existing system that can be purchased, whether to get open source stuff, or whether they are just dreaming.

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                  I would take a step back and look at a book like "Code Complete" (and other resources) to understand what software projects are all about, common mistakes made, and some estimation ideas.


                  Software project specification/estimation is a field all in itself -- in larger companies, there are teams that do just that.


                  HOPE THIS HELPS.