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How Can I Create Multiple types of invoices with large amounts of different information?

Question asked by web247 on Aug 15, 2016
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I have 4 completely different invoice forms I need to create filemaker.


I understand that it is better to have one invoice table, but I am concerned about the

amount of information that is need on each invoice.


I have thought about linking the invoice table to each different set of fields, as if the were

an Invoice Line items table.  That way the I can show all invoices in one portal on the customer record.


So my structure would be:


Customers-->Invoices-> Dish machine Invoice

                                    -> Laundry Machine Invoice

                                    -> Housekeeping Invoice

                                     -> Invoice Line Items


I would link each to the Invoice table with a separate primary key for each table.


The problems is I need all of these to link to the Product table as well, and also to

a work order table, for when parts are used to fix the machines (we don't charge for those).


So I would put a portal in each Dish, Laundry or Housekeeping invoice for parts used, that

would substract in from the Salesman's truck inventory as work order line item.

And a portal for ordering more chemical that need to be linked to the Invoice Line items


That way the Salesmen would not have to leave the Machine invoices to start a chemical order.


So if I understand the process correctly I would have to create a different Products and Work Order

table occurrence and link them to each Machine Invoice table by a primary key .  


But how can I also link to the Invoice Line Items, to create a new invoice separate from the Machine Invoices?


Should I put all Machine fields in the Invoice table instead of creating separate table for each?

Would that be too many fields for one Invoice table, that would remain blank for most invoices?


I am attaching PDFs of all the Lease Machine Invoices, so you can see how many fields are need for

each invoice.


Any advice anyone can give me would be appreciated.