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    Help with relational table


      I am building a solution for  my business that supplies 4 products.  I need to have a layout that shows a portal with all the customers listed down the left and then 4 boxes across the row (one for each product) that a value is put in to show how much of each product the customer is ordering.  The qty fields need to be live so that values can be updated on the run.  They also need to create an invoice ( and update that invoice at each value change) for each company.  I should also be able to enter a date in the search field to bring up past orders for that date and for all the listed customers.

      Can someone help me out with some ideas on how to do this?

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          Although you have only 4 products, you may want to think beyond just 4.



          Contacts (customers etc)



          Order/Invoice Items

          Central layout is your Orders. You could have a drop down of clients and a portal of Order Items/Invoice Items

          Within the portal of items, you would have your Product (drop down of your products), Qty, etc...


          I hope this helps?

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            Yes, take a step back.


            I would recommend creating an ERD. When you draw the database and list fields in an organized way, you create the ability to communicate your design with managers, team members, other stakeholders. And, aside from being able to then understand (and modify as you go) what you're trying to do yourself, you can post that diagram here for input.

            I use an inexpensive tool called SQL Editor.


            SQL Editor will let you visually design your FMP database and then it WILL CREATE YOUR FMP DATABASE FOR YOU IN FMP!


            Don't mistake the Relationship graph for an ERD tool.


            HOPE THIS HELPS.