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automating copy-paste between Adobe Professional and FileMaker Pro

Question asked by user25648 on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by PeterDoern

I'm using Filemaker Pro Advance 15 on a Mac running the latest OS X and Adobe Acrobat Professional X


I manually do the following:

Go to a folder "A" on my computer

Open the first PDF document I see in the folder #1

Select all (text)


Go to my FM Database

Create new record

Paste the copied text into the new record's text field.

Close PDF document #1

Move PDF document #1 to folder B

Return to folder A and repeat until there are no more PDF documents left in the folder.


The text needs to be pasted, not imported, requiring me to go back and forth between Filemaker, Adobe and the computer's folders.

New PDF documents get added to Folder "A" on a regular basis.

Though I've created scripts within FM, I'm not aware of how to automate a process which coordinates other software programs.


Help anyone?