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Push/Pull data to/from Filemaker GO

Question asked by steveoh on Aug 16, 2016
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So I'm working on a solution that requires information to be pulled/pushed to a kiosk mode iPad with Filemaker Go.  The solution itself is on a server, which isn't a problem, the issue arises with what layouts we want to be displayed on the screen.  Let's say we want to update a contact's information, we might push a layout for that, or if they need to sign something, push that layout.  The information retrieval isn't an issue, clearly, it's matching each kiosk with the right information remotely.


Is there something we might use to make this happen?  I had thought of using a non global field value that would be the customer id and one for the layout that we would want them to be on.  The problem is, this would require some form of refresh script, which I had hoped to steer away from.


So essentially, I just need something that tells an iPad to go to a layout based on what I need them to fill out and without the need to touch the iPad.


Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated.