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    FileMaker 15


      We have upgraded filemaker 11 to 15 on windows. But we are facing lots of issues. 1. Copy any content from excel/doc/email and then paste it in FileMaker ,font's formatting is changed 2. When we print any layout/form , filemaker hangs and sometimes crash. Could anyone please check this.

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          Markus Schneider

          Printing: check the fonts! FileMaker doesn't support old fonts anymore

          Inserting: pressing ctrl-z after pasting formatted text helps

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            For the formatting of copied text, try this: once you use the Cmd-c to copy the text into your FMP field, then hit Cmd-z.  Cmd-z is usually the undo command, but when used in this way it has two levels.  Use it once and it deletes the special formatting of the inbound text and uses the formatting for the FMP field instead.  Use it again and it will undo the copy/paste entirely.  Very unintuitive and unlike any other program I've seen, but it works.

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              If you converted from FM 11 to FM 15, then the layout most likely uses the "Classic" theme. The Classic theme is no longer supported. Change it to another theme, and you'll likely reduce the number of crashes. As far as copy/paste, do you WANT the formatting to change, or do you want it NOT to change? If you want it in the field's default format, use Cmd-Z after pasting, or set up an auto-enter with TextFormatRemove ( FieldYouArePastingInto ).

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                is  much easier.

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                  I don't know why people don't mention "self" more often. It really is handy.

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                    Bruce, this is off-topic but how is that TextFormatRemove used?  I'm fairly new to FMP so pardon if I'm missing something obvious. 


                    I see that it is a calculation. The manual says "Use this function to remove all fonts, styles, font sizes, and font colors from the specified text."  Does that mean specified with the mouse?  Specified by a command?  I see there is a script step for 'select all text' but I don't know how to apply a calculation function to that selection.  And what if a user didn't want to select all text?

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                      Set the field to auto enter the calc, and make sure you uncheck the Do not replace contents if any—since that is exactly what you want to happen. Then, when you paste text into the field the auto enter cal will instantly replace whatever you pasted with all formatting removed.

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                        Keywords has given an excellent answer. I would like to add a little bit to it.

                        Most of the time, you want unformatted text in fields. For some display and report purpose, you may want to style the field differently; which you can do; while still leaving the actual contents unstyled.

                        I generally use the following, to remove leading and trailing spaces.

                          trim( textFormatRemove ( self ))


                        An even more complete approach is to use a custom function that removes all excess white space (leading and trailing tabs, spaces, returns, etc)


                        NormalizeSpace( yourText )

                        FileMaker Custom Function:NormalizeSpace ( text )