Do you use a lot of table occurrences?

Discussion created by sreese on Aug 17, 2016
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Salutations everyone,

I have been wondering something and I thought I would ask to see what kind of process everyone uses. I have a lot of table occurrences and I am curious if I'm normal with this. I understand selector connector, but I'm a bigger fan of just using the squids so I can logically throw things together.


I find that a lot of times I will use 1 squid for a couple of layouts at most.


I like to start my squid with a global table and then link to the other tables from the core global table. Right now in the solution I'm building the global table has 14 occurrences. I'm not certain if this causes things to be a little slower, but I have done it this way for UI reasons. Its the only way I could figure out to display in portals what I wanted to see. Parent, Child, and grandchild records all at the same time.


I'm curious on thoughts and advice possibly.