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Import lots of Word Documents to Container Field

Question asked by kharmon on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by PSI

Hi all,


I work for a company that just bought FileMaker 15. I'm in charge of creating and updating the database; that said I'm a beginner.


I have about 6000 records already with numerous fields. One field I would like is a container field that contains a word document. On our server we have a document associated with each particular record. I would like to create a reference to the document on the server so a user can automatically open the document from the layout. Is there a function or script that can automatically fill each one of these records? One thing that can be of use: each particular document name is the same as the id for the record. For example, 1 of the 6000 documents is called W4532 and the record in FileMaker has a field also called W4532.


I was looking into the function that could be of use but don't know exactly how to incorporate it (again new to FileMaker):



Any help would be appreciated,