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    Import lots of Word Documents to Container Field


      Hi all,


      I work for a company that just bought FileMaker 15. I'm in charge of creating and updating the database; that said I'm a beginner.


      I have about 6000 records already with numerous fields. One field I would like is a container field that contains a word document. On our server we have a document associated with each particular record. I would like to create a reference to the document on the server so a user can automatically open the document from the layout. Is there a function or script that can automatically fill each one of these records? One thing that can be of use: each particular document name is the same as the id for the record. For example, 1 of the 6000 documents is called W4532 and the record in FileMaker has a field also called W4532.


      I was looking into the function that could be of use but don't know exactly how to incorporate it (again new to FileMaker):



      Any help would be appreciated,


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          So your company bought FileMaker and it's connected/or plans to be connected to a server?  And you're brand new to FileMaker?

          I'm sure this data is important.  Does your company plan to provide you with training or hire a consultant?


          You could script a routine to do this, assuming the documents are numbered correctly and exactly as you say.

          I would look into super container:

          360Works SuperContainer:: FileMaker Document Storage :: FileMaker Image Storage


          It's also possible for you to leave the documents where they are and point to a reference of them.  Hard to say without knowing all about the hardware/software you're connecting to.


          But anything with a server, especially if you plan on using FileMaker Server, you should really consider hiring an expert, especially for security.

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            You can do this with FileMaker's built-in functionality.


            Import Records from a folder will create a record for each document.


            Create a temporary table to import the documents into. You only need a container field for the document and a text calculation DocID [ GetAsText ( DocumentContainer ) ] which should equal your record ID (W4532). Once the documents are imported into the temporary table create a relationship from your primary table to the temporary table between the ID and DocID. Import the word doc into the main table. then you can delete the temporary table.


            There are other considerations which relate to how the documents are stored? How Many users will be accessing this solution?