Best practice on rolling out new version of FileMaker Go to users

Discussion created by AndreasT on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by schamblee

I am planning a major rollout of version 15 of FileMaker Go for about 90 people using version 13 or 14.

They are all acccessing the same served file from FMS 14. No local files.

These are non-technical people so the current process is too cumbersome.

Ideally they would click a button in their database which does as much as possible for them.


What I want:

1. Download version 15 from the App Store

2. Open the served database in the new version.

3. Close the original version with a message to manually remove the app from the device (optional)


Step 1 is just a link and is something they also can do manually, but step 2 is beyond most of them. Fiddling with url scheme of Fm is too involved. Step 3 is also possible to do manually, but may be optional.


I would like to hear from others how they have done this, as smooth as possible.