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    Null characters permitted as part of string but not handled consistently


      A character with a length of 1 but a Code of 0 (which according to documentation should be the empty string) can exist as part of a longer text string.


      In the attached FileMaker file, the special string is at the end of the numbers. I.e. the string shows as 10 characters yet has a length of 11 but with the 11th character having a code of 0. The string was probably pasted into the field by a user who got to much text included in the copy.


      Data viewer seems to get confused by this and stops printing after it sees the character.


      FileMaker calculations shows it as a space but doesn't quite handle it as a real character.


      If you try to add Char( 0 ) to a string by calculation it doesn't seem to count as a character.


      Expected behavior: Characters with code value of 0 should not be allowed in strings and thus be omitted automatically.


      How to replicate: See attached files: FileMaker file with the character in a text field as 11th character and data viewer screen shot that shows handling of the string.


      Product and version: FileMaker Pro Advanced


      OS and version: Windows 8.1 Enterprise