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Discussion created by HashirRaja on Aug 17, 2016
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Hi, I would like to say I am very amazed with the capabilities with Filemaker Pro. I am using version 14 at the moment. I am planning out a database that I will be making for a vendor that handles passengers with disabilities for airlines. It is basically a dispatch system. I believe the data will be shared from the airline as xml. I do have several questions about that, but before I can get to that, I have an alarming situation that needs attention.


I have two tables:

One for passenger info (ID, name, flt#, date, city, phone etc.).

The other table is for flight info (ID, flt#, date, scheduled arrival /departure, Eta, Ata, gate etc.)


On the main screen (Dashboard [list view]), I will have a list of passenger records. These will range to about 10,000 records a month. The dashboard will be filtered to show only today's date, that way the workers will know who is flying today. So approx. 500 records will be in view daily.


I made a demo and put it on a temporary server hosting website to test it out. I believe it's FMPHost.com or something like that. At the moment, I am at the very beginning stage as I just have 400 records in total. In the dashboard, I only have fields from the current table. No calcs or summary fields. The scrolling is laggy. The goal will be to have maybe one or two related fields in there for flight updates. I tried that and the scrolling got much worse.


My question is, being that Filemaker is an amazing platform, why am I seeing this lag? Regardless of where I am hosting it, I just have 400 records with no calc or summary fields. I understand if I have many records or alot of calcs, but even then, other database programs deal with much more than that and do not lag with scrolling through their list. I hope there is a work around this because I really do like Filemaker.