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One particular file is very slow to open in 15

Question asked by fitch on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by TSGal

I have one file that takes 20-30 seconds to open with FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 on my Windows 7 PC.


In FMPA 14 on the same computer, it opens instantly. Also, my co-worker opens it in FMPA 15 on his PC instantly.


Our FileMaker Server 14 hosts dozens of files, some big, some small. This is our Dev server, with few users. Other files of equal or greater complexity and size open instantly for me. So the issue seems to be isolated to my machine, and just this one file.


This file is not that large -- about 60k records, but very few fields or tables, blank startup layout, no startup script, no file references, no external auth.


Doesn't matter if I open it with a full access account or not. And the password dialog comes up instantly, so the delay happens after that.


I've tried deleting temp files, clearing permitted hosts, creating a new user account, disabling all plugins, resetting cache size... any other suggestions?