Graph with large number of T.O.s does not render in a timely manner on windows.

Discussion created by user10625 on Aug 17, 2016
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Filemaker Pro Advanced 15  (also an issue in 14);    Windows 7;    I am working in a LAN situation (not a local file, but not a WAN either.)



Have a file with relationships graph with 2200 T.O.s or so.  (Yes, I am fully aware that that is not an advisable situation . . . it's a long story.  And I am trying to gradually reduce the problem.  And actually, performance has been pretty good, considering. )


However, I note that in version 15, (or 14), on Windows, when I open the Graph, it takes an incredibly long time to render. In fact,  I have waited up to 25 minutes for it to appear, and then force quit.


This is not a problem on MAC, or with versions 12 or 13 on Windows, which are my workarounds.


I recall that this was an issue, I think way back in version 10, I believe (although it did eventually render back then, but was just incredibly slow to manipulate).  Then, the issue was fixed, and the graph was renderable on Windows in 11, 12, and 13.  Now the issue is back.


I can provide a clone file to the folks in testing if needed.   Note that we have a chunk of T.O.s which talk to ESS, but I see the problem even when those T.O.s are removed.


One other note,  it seems to use no server resources ---- when I check the Client Stats on the server, I'm zero'd. So I believe that the delay is entirely on the local machine.



Chris Bailey