Open Filemaker Document with OS X Log IN

Discussion created by user9259 on Aug 17, 2016

I am using OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. on a Mac Mini.

I have tried this with both Filemaker 12 & 14.

I am not using Filemaker Server on this Machine.


I have set up a filemaker file to Open on Log In through OS X Users & Groups. I am using the Admin Account for OS X. It will not open and seems to get "hung up" in the Mac Doc. If I click on the Bouncing Doc Filemaker Icon it will open fine. If I just click on Doc it will open fine. This file is merely a launcher that runs a script in a seperate file that creates a pdf and sends an email with the pdf attached. All of this works perferctly; but I don't understand why the file will not open properly on log-in.


I am simply trying to Automate this process through Energy Saver. Machine logs off/restarts once a week and the log in should launch the file. I have used this method many times; and I don't understand why it is not working. My Filemaker Doc is the only document or application set to open automatically when logging in.

Thanks so much for all the help!!