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    Incorrect info in Set Script Trigger dialog box


      (FMPA 15.0.1 Mac:) In the dialog box for setting object script triggers, when selecting OnObjectSave, the explanation on the bottom incorrectly states that 'If the script returns true, the original event proceeds normally, otherwise the event is canceled.' That sentence shouldn't be there, it's wrong.

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          Thank you for your post.


          If you try to save the object, and the object has a validation rule that is not met, OnObjectSave will be canceled.  Therefore, the statement is true.


          What do you propose the Result should say?



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            Hello Peter Bouma,


            I looked at both the script trigger reference description and the description at the bottom of the dialog box. There is a rather confusing inconsistency. (This is particularly so if one comes at it from the point of view that post-event triggers tend not to be able to return a result which is not true in this case, but I digress.)


            The description in the Script Trigger Reference says the following

            You can use the Exit Script script step within the triggered script to return True or False.

            • True: The event that triggered the script proceeds.

            • False: The event that triggered the script is canceled, but the object is saved and the field that was active before the event that triggered the script remains active.


            This is accurate.


            So I agree the description in the dialogue box should be clearer as to what event was canceled. The object is still saved, but the the field remains active.


            Best wishes,


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