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    Truncated URL for Web Direct


      Hello all,

      Doing a 2-server deployment of FileMaker Server 14 on Windows, and was asked by the client if users could get to the Web Direct homepage with a simple "x.y.com", as opposed to "x.y.com/fmi/webd". Basically, they want the URL to be as short as possible. Got to believe this is possible...I just don't know how!  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


      Many thanks, in advance.


      - Jonathan

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          Hi Jonathan,


          You could use a URL shortening service such as Bitly to create a shortened version of the WebDirect URL:


          Bitly | URL Shortener and Link Management Platform


          Otherwise you could setup a simple HTML page on your server that redirects to the WebDirect URL using the HTML refresh tag:


          <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://www.mydomain.com/new-page.html">''




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            Thanks for the rapid response!  Only other question I have is: Where on the FM server should this simple page go?

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              The root folders for the web server are:


              IIS (Windows) through HTTP or HTTPS:

              [drive]:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\HTTPServer\Conf

              where [drive] is the drive on which the Web Publishing Engine component of your FileMaker server deployment resides.


              Apache (OS X) HTTP:

              /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs


              Apache (OS X) HTTPS:

              /Library/FileMaker Server/HTTPServer/htdocs/httpsRoot


              but you can put an HTML page like this on any web server and it will redirect to the specified URL.

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                Okay, one last question:


                On my Mac-based development server (single server deployment) I added the redirect to the Index.html file, and it worked like a charm. Thank you! Only thing I found was that I needed to restart the Web Publishing Engine to get the change to "take."


                So off I went and applied the same change to the worker machine in the two-server Windows deployment, but when I went to launch the admin console on the worker to restart the web server, I got a 404 error. As this is my first two-server deployment, my question is: Is there an Admin Console on a worker machine?


                I did jump on the Database Server's Admin Console, but Web Publishing is all grayed-out there (though it does properly list the IP of the worker machine.



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                  was the two-machine install done following the instructions? we did a two-machine install and web server info was showing in the Master (Server) Admin console. the ip of the worker machine shows correctly.



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                    Well I think I did it right! ;-)


                    I just had the client restart the servers (I don't have the rights to do it)...I'll be logging in shortly to see if anything has improved.

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                      There's only one admin console whether you do a single machine deployment or a 2 machine deployment. You can normally start/stop the WPE from the Admin Console for both deployment types.

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                        correct! OP was trying to launch it from the Worker (WD) machine, when it's mainly used from the Master/main machine.


                        Remote people can also launch & see the Admin Console when permissions are granted to do so with proper login.


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                          Well it's good to know that there's only a single Admin Console.  So here's some new information:


                          When the servers were originally deployed a few months ago, they were both in the same domain. For security reasons, the IT department recently moved the worker machine to their DMZ. My guess is that although the worker is communicating with the database server (I can log into my databases via Web Direct), I'll bet that the move broke some critical communication link for the Admin Console to communicate with the worker.


                          Sound plausible?  As the databases are not live yet, I'm thinking that an uninstall/reinstall of the server software is the most expedient course of action.


                          Thanks for the responses! Much appreciated.

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                            Yes, uninstall & reinstall is a good choice. After that is done, and the Admin console up and running, use the test page to see if the sample db is being seen by FMPro and WebDirect correctly.


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