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Question asked by sccardais on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by sccardais

I have a table, ORGs, containing customer ordering information. I would like to create a cross tab report similar to the one below showing retention rates for different groups of Orgs based on the date they Ordered our product (s).


Relevant fields in ORGs:


  • Product they purchased
  • OrderDate
  • CancellationDate. (blank if they haven't canceled)
  • c_DaysAsCustomer (if they have canceled.)


In the example above, I want to show the retention rate for the Group of Orgs that purchased between 1/1/2015 ... 3/31/2015. Then, for each Product, I want to show the Total # of Orgs in the Group, the number and % that canceled in ≤ 60 days, ≤ 90 and ≤ 120 days.


Using another utility table to hold start and stop dates (globals) and Product (globals) I've been able to create the Retention Report for a single time range (e.g. ≤ 60 days) but I'd like to show a comparison as shown in the image above.


I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions to create this report.