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    Help please


      I am making a student database and I have tables called subject1,subject2,etc. All the tables have the same field and same field names. I am trying to display the content of the tables. so, for simplicity, I copied the text data for all fields and try to tell filemaker to bring the data from another table. I just now the way the choosing each text box and assign the data source. Is there any easier way to select all fields at once ?


      thanks in advance

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          As soon as you are tempted to name a field or a table with 1,2 etc you should stop and read up on normalization and data modeling

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            Thank you very much.

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              I agree with the previous comment. On the face of it it seems a poor model having a series of identical tables. Why would you not have a single table for subjects, with each subject a separate record in that table. You would then need a join table, perhaps called enrolments, to link students to subjects, since students=subjects is clearly a many-to-many relationship.

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                Thanks for your valuable advice.


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                  Thanks again, I really have a single table named Subjects and it is connected to the student table as you mentioned, but I need these tables to store the exam marks for each student. So every student has own marks for a specific subject, and there are many exams in a year. I might be not clear enough in the previous message.

                  Many thanks for your time, and I would be very appreciated for any of your valuable suggestions.



                  Kind regards.




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                    My guess is that exams should be in their own table with separate join tables to link them to subject and student. But go back to coherentkris's advice and carefully think through the whole data model before you proceed much further.