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videos in a portal/List View

Question asked by happyez on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by happyez

Hi there all


I currently have a file that contains a line-by-line instruction on different parts of a video. That is in the first video, 00:45 to 00:58 / X thing happens; next line, 00:58 to 1:05:33 / Y happens. When I go to the second video, I do the same thing


I would love to have each individual line to be in a portal or List View, which is easy, but each line must show the video of that portal.


So, I could have 46 lines, and in each line, I would like in a portal or List View, a reference to that video in each line. This is so I can look up the times I need to see in the video, and the video that that is referenced in, is sitting right there. Doesnt matter which video, it just has to be there.


Since I am pulling lines from loads of different records, and I might see 5 lines referring to each video. I want to be able to see those 5 lines with a link to the video for each one.


I dont want to duplicate the same video for each line -> a file of 100GB! I also dont want to refer to a folder on my computer where the video is stored. I have way too many folder on my computer.


I am sure there are a number of ways I can do this, but I feel a bit stumped at the moment.


Any ideas? This could have been answered in another question, but I have no idea how to search for the answer/restate this question in a logical fashion.

Thanks all