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    List-View find performance


      I have a List View on which my users are asking for a field to be included. The layout is based on Drawings.


      The field called "latest_rev" is on the Drawings table, and its calculation is-  Last(DrawingRevisions::rev_letter). This is so I can show the latest revision letter of a given drawing number.


      The relationship is like so:



      Is there a better/faster way to get this Last(DrawingRevisions::rev_letter) stored in the Drawings table so that the find will be just as fast as other fields based on the parent Drawings table?


      I tried to do a second field in Drawings which is an Auto-Enter Calc that has as its calculation: = Drawings::latest_rev. But it doesn't seem to make any performance improvement.

      Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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          The other option is to use a script trigger when a new DrawingRevision is made that updates the corresponding value in the Drawing table. In this way the field in Drawing is a static, indexable field, and no longer dependent on a related table.

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            This sounds like a great idea and is just the sort of thing I was hoping to achieve. I'm going to give this a try and see how it goes.

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              Works like a charm. I actually discovered that I'd already created a script to do just what you suggested, but found out that in my script that does the find for the user was finding on a different field. That was really the essence of the problem. But your idea (when fully implemented) works well.


              I also create a second utility script to loop through all records, setting the static indexable field to the latest_revision value.


              And the other script is triggered on Save, that updates the static field whenever a drawing gets a new revision letter.




              I have a "filter-as-you-type" field for searching on that Revision Letter and before I made the change, it couldn't keep up with typing. Now it's very fast.

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                Sounds like you have a good set-up.