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List-View find performance

Question asked by jdevans on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by philipHPG

I have a List View on which my users are asking for a field to be included. The layout is based on Drawings.


The field called "latest_rev" is on the Drawings table, and its calculation is-  Last(DrawingRevisions::rev_letter). This is so I can show the latest revision letter of a given drawing number.


The relationship is like so:



Is there a better/faster way to get this Last(DrawingRevisions::rev_letter) stored in the Drawings table so that the find will be just as fast as other fields based on the parent Drawings table?


I tried to do a second field in Drawings which is an Auto-Enter Calc that has as its calculation: = Drawings::latest_rev. But it doesn't seem to make any performance improvement.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.