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Relationship not behaving as expected

Question asked by stam66 on Aug 18, 2016
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Returning to FMP after a long absence...


The first script i attempted was to split a flat file database into proper tables as there are duplicate persons with a defined ID that had multiple entries. In my mind, creating a relationship <table 1::ID> = <table 2::ID> could be used to check if the script had already created that person in the new table, but it fails after creating 1 person, as count (relationship::ID) always returns one (and isValid always returns true).


I then checked by creating a portal and indeed, no matter what record i browse in <table 1>, i see the same <table 2::key> as the first/only record i created, so after creating the first <table 2::ID> record, all records seem to link to that no matter what <table 1::ID> is.


This can't be right surely? or am i doing something stupid?


grateful for any help


Message was edited by: Stam Kapetanakis have discovered the issue. The <table 1> had a self-relationship. Even though the connection was made between the correct instance of the tables it seems that <table 2> linked to the <table 1 self related instance> instead of <table 1>. Bug?