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Troubleshooting use of several functions in one calculation

Question asked by user25648 on Aug 18, 2016
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I am hoping someone might be able to point out my error in the calculation below.  Any help is appreciated..



I am trying to parse the text between a set of parentheses, where there are multiple occurrences of () in the source text.


Specifically, I am trying to parse the text between the final occurrence of "(" and the following ")" in the fourth value of a text field.

I've confirmed in all test records that the final occurrence of "(" is followed by a ")"


I am using the ParseBetween custom function found on Brian Dunnings website ParseBetween ( source ; start ; stop ).  I've used this function numerous times without any issue.  This is the first time I've used it in conjunction with the GetValue, Position, and PatternCount functions.  I've tested each part of the formula (source, start, stop) which all seem to work separately.  It's when I use them in combination that my results come up null.  The destination field is a text field



ParseBetween (



GetValue ( raw_text ; 4 ) ;


//start - I've tested this portion separately

Position (

  GetValue ( raw_text ; 4 )  ;

  "(" ;

  0 ;

  PatternCount ( GetValue ( raw_text  ; 4 ) ; "(" ) )  ;



“)” )