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What's stopping this fmp.12 file from being uploaded to FMS V15?

Question asked by john_wolff on Aug 18, 2016
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I'm using to follow basic web site stats like Visitors each day, Pages opened, Time on the site and Bounce %age.


To do this I'm opening the dashboard for our web site in a Web Viewer and select the date from their onscreen calendar. Then I type the data into global fields on the same layout and transfer that data to a record for that day.


With FMS V14 I could upload the file without any issues. Now with V15, I'm told that the file does not have the required password protection.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.59.07 PM.png

It has Full Access accounts each with a password while the Guest account is disabled. Even if I bypass the sharing process and copy it directly to the Data folder on the FMS Server, and change the permissions, FMS V15 refuses to open the file.


Is it because the web viewer is accessing the website? Even if I add my Username & Password to the URL of the Web Viewer it still will not upload, nor open.


This undoubtedly a consequence of the additional security settings in FMS V15 but thus far I've not found a detailed explanation, nor a way to bypass the restriction.


Any help will be appreciated, as the file is only available on our LAN.




John Wolff

Hamilton, NZ


PS. I was hoping to be able to parse the downloaded HTML from to retrieve the stats but now understand that their site makes this impossible within FM's Web Viewer.