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Making different routes through number of layouts..

Question asked by bvde on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by David Moyer

Hi all!


I have the following problem.


I have around 25 layouts, each contains a test and got its own child-tabel. All test/ layouts have the same mother-tabel


On each layout i have a back and next button to go to the next or last test/ layout.


I would like to have the option to make different test orders cq different layout orders/routes.


For example;

test/layout 3 => next button => test 4 => test 10 => test 1 => end


test 3 => test 4 => test 1 => test 6 => test 10 => test 20 => end

and so on.


Question is;


How do i script the "next" and "back"  button on the different layouts?

The test/layout routes  will be static available in a table, and thereby easily added or changed.

Before i start the tests i want to select a "route" from the static route table




gr Bram