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Script runs into indefinite loop when script triggered

Question asked by on Aug 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by philmodjunk

Hi ,


I want to implement a simple autotext-fiunction in a textfield that can change shortcakes like "[kr]" into "Kind regards".


For that I have made a script that writes into the requested textfield this changes.


Variable setzen [ $Mailtext ; Wert: Mails::Mail_Text ]

Variable setzen [ $Mailtext ; Wert: Austauschen ( $Mailtext   ; "[kr]" ; "Kind regards," ) ]

Feldwert setzen [ Mails::Mail_Text ; $Mailtext ]


This script get started by the script event "Change Field" of the Field (do not know the exact English term as I use a German version).


If I leave the field the changes are made, but then the whole database is not usable any more as it seems to run into an indefinite loop.


Any ideas?


Btw: I want to have a whole list of shortcode and also translations into different languages. This would be stored best in a table itself like ID, shortcake, translate2German, tanslate2English..


Any suggestions how do use these n shortcakes dynamically in such a script?






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