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Server ESS "connection lost contact"

Question asked by eric on Aug 19, 2016
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I have a FileMaker solution with an External SQL Source (ESS) on the server (Windows), meaning the DSN setup is also on the server.

It seems a connection to the Oracle database does not occur until the client refers to one of the ESS's shadow tables, because that very first reference in a session takes more time than subsequent connections to all the rest of the shadow tables.

It is strange to me that this delayed ESS connection would occur once per client session, since it is the server that has all the connection information, firewall ports open, etc.

Why isn't this ESS connection already open on the server for all subsequent client sessions after the first client refers to a shadow table?


If a user with a FileMaker Pro client is connected to the FileMaker file for a lengthy amount of time, all the shadow table fields display the following error:

ODBC Error: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-03135: connection lost contact

Process ID: 9013

Session ID: 270 Serial number: 19220

Refresh Window [ Flush cached eternal data ] displays the same error.

For an individual client to reestablish the ESS connection, we've been closing the solution all the way, because even a hidden file window persists having a lost connection.

When the user reopens the file after it has been closed completely, ESS reconnects.

Is there a script step or another action that will force ESS to reconnect without having to close and reopen the FileMaker file?