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    Can't Stop Automatic Login


      Running FMP 14 on an iMac as host. 3 FMP files on host computer, one of them now opens (not in admin) without asking for password when accessing from host or guest computers, resulting in no security for this file. Other two are okay. Don't know what happened to cause this. Can log in as admin by holding down option when opening file and entering admin and password in dialog box. File->File Options "Log in Using" is off, as I understand it should be to activate the log in procedure. What is going on here?

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          Markus Schneider

          - did You specify 'auto-login' in the file options? (file/file options or similar, no english system here)


          - if the first file (of 3) opens with credentials that are available on the second file and that file is somehow 'connected' to the first one, the same credentials are used...

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            It sounds like someone saved the credentials in the Keychain (Mac) or Credential Manager (Windows). It's not a "no security" situation; it's a version of single sign-on. Theoretically, nobody but that one person should be using that account on that computer, so only that person would be able to log into the database.


            You should be able to remove the file from the Keychain or Manager through their respective control panels. If you don't want it to work that way, you can remove the ability for the user to save the credentials from the file.





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              Sorry for the delay in responding to your suggestion, which was much appreciated and right on the money. The file has been removed from the Keychain and all is functioning as it should be.


              Thank you so much for your prompt response and assistance.


              Larry Stone