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PHP - Script that worked for over a year suddenly has errors

Question asked by bdykman on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by bdykman

My company uses Filemaker WebDirect so that employees can confirm or deny their timesheet is correct. A report is generated in FIleMaker and generates a link which is emailed to the specific employee. When clicked, this link prompts them to click yes or no, which then fills a field in FileMaker so we can see if any timesheets are wrong. This was created by someone who no longer is with the company and no one here has any experience with PHP. Last week, when the timesheets went out, the links no longer work; instead 3 errors pop up. Two of the three say "PHP Strict Standards: Non-static method" and the other claims that the printf() function has too few arguments.


Is there any reason that, despite no one touching this or any related section in FileMaker, this stopped working?